Bipolar Disorder

Varsha Foundation

Once commonly known as Maniac Depression illness, has mood swings from mania or depression (Two poles/ Bi polar ) punctuated by periods of stable mood in between Bi-polar Disorder I : Recurrent episode of mania and depression.


At least 3 of the following must be there for the most of the the day nearly every day for 1 week or longer.

  • High Energy , Activity
  • Good / Euphoric Mood
  • Irritabillity
  • Racing & Jumping Thoughts
  • Less Sleep Needed
  • High Spending
  • Increased Sexual Drive
  • Abuse of Drugs Like Alcohol, Sleeping Pills
  • Provocations or Aggressive Behavior


  • Follow and Stick to treatment plan
  • Medication as prescribed by psychiatrist
  • Psychotherapy
  • Planning for crisis (high &low moods)
  • Taking care of whole self
  • Exercise
  • Healthy food & Sleep habits
  • Keeping away from alcohol / smoking / drugs
  • Create support system of family , friends and organization