Drug Rehabilitation

Treatment for Drug Addiction The first step to recovery is when the addict accepts that he has a problem and agrees to seek help. Residential Treatment is a recommended treatment for drug abusers, as it allows them to move into a clean and sober environment. Being away from the destructive atmosphere and supported almost 24/7 by peers, counselors and other trained staff, greatly helps the individuals in undergoing the recovery process.

Drug Addiction:

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Drug Addiction or Abuse is commonly used for psycho active drugs like Marijuana/cannabis or Heroin or Cocaine or other party drugs which all act on brain leading to both short term and long term problems not limited to physical but also to psychological, emotional and sociological areas of the person using or abusing the drug.

Like Alcohol even with drugs there are various stages like abuse, dependence and some harmful use. Basically all these drugs are chemicals which work in brain by hijacking normal communication systems of brain cells there by creating many problems. Although these drugs mimic normal brain chemicals, but they lead to abnormal communication in brain or abnormal release of certain chemicals in brain leading to various behavioral and psychological problems.