OCD has two main components :

Varsha Foundation
  • Thoughts creating anxiety (obsession )
  • Anxiety


At least 3 of the following must be there for the most of the the day nearly every day for 1 week or longer.

  • THOUGHTS : Word or phrase or rhymes that is unpleasant, shocking or blasphemous 'Things are contaminated with gems'
  • PICTURES : Visualization of somebody being dead , being violent , being abuse
  • DOUBTS :Wondering for hours that the person might have caused an accident /misinformed somebody
  • RUMINATIONS : Endlessly arguing with self to do this or that.' indecisiveness"
  • PERFECTIONISM : Extreme botheration about putting things in order


  • MEDICATIONS : Medications helps 6-7 out of the 10 with OCD. Anti obsession medications help to prevent OCD coming back as long as it is taken.
  • THERAPY : Exposure and response prevention : A therapy to stop compulsive behavior and anxieties from strengthening each other.
  • COGNITIVE THERAPY : Psychological treatment which helps to change the reaction it thoughts instead of trying to get rid of them.