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Schizophrenia Is a serious mental problem often developing in adolescence or early adulthood. (Schizophrenia a Greek word meaning Schizo(split) and Phreno(Mind). Meaning poor connect or split between thought process with emotion and behavior.


  • HALLUCINATION : Hearing and seeing things that aren't there. "I can hear Ram's voice and it talks about harming me".
  • THOUGHTS PROBLEM : Disorganized thinking, illogical speech, inappropriate emotion to speech.
  • DELUSIONS : Strange and unshakable beliefs. "My neighbors are always against me and want".
  • ALTERED SENSE OF SELF : Altered and unrealistic sense of who the person is in relation to the other world.
  • Memory problem


  • LACK OF MOTIVATION : Lack of energy or interest in life even basic things like taking shower or shaving or talking to people.
  • BLUNTED FEELINGS : Inability to express emotions/feelings appropriate while able to feel the same.
  • SOCIAL WITHDRAW : Limited or no interaction with family, friends and well wishers.
  • UNUSUAL POSTERS OR MANNERISM : sitting in a position for .
  • Memory problem