Specific Learning Disability Treatment

Varsha Foundation

Specific learning disability (SLD)A Child with SLD is able as any other child except in one of the areas of learning like difficulty to write (Dsygraphia) ,cope with.

Discography is difficulty in writing resulting in inaccurate and illegible writing.Discography exists in varying degree which does not match to the person's intelligence and ability to read.

Dyslexia is the difficulty with the use of both written and oral language .Dyslexia varies between individuals and can occur in people of all abilities; Most often people with dyslexia have distinctive talents as well as typical cluster of difficulties.

Dyscalculia is the difficulty with mathematical skills like addition, subtraction, Multiplication and mental arithmetic. People with dyscalculia also have difficulty with abstract concepts of time and direction, sequence of events. They may also have poor sense of direction and can get lost