De-Addiction Counselling

De-Addiction counselling is very core of the services offered at Varsha Foundation. The De-Addiction counselor who is specially trained in De-Addiction bridges various aspects of whole of the program. Counselling bridges between the family and resident, the counselor at personal level also bridges many aspects of group to personal level more pertinent and personal as well. The counselling at Varsha Foundation is so planned so that many concerns and issues which cannot be taken at therapeutic level of Clinical psychologist are addressed.

De-Addiction counselling happens at an very intimate and confidential level where the counselor address following issues :

  • Alcohol and Drug use Behaviour and its consequences
  • Social pressure and its management
  • Situations at home and while alone leading to Alcohol or Drugs.
  • Negative thoughts and emotions associated with Alcohol and Drug abuse
  • Anxiety and Stress leading to Alcohol and Drugs
  • Anger and frustration and its management

Group Therapy

Varsha Foundation

Varsha Foundation recognizes uses the fact that human being are basically social and group living beings which has tremendous influence in shaping behavior, self image, priorities and goals. On many occasions groups (peer) themselves might have been the reason for individuals to get in to alcohol or drugs eventually leading to addiction. It's logical and right that we use the same group culture and influence for De-Addiction and recovery.

At Varsha Foundation the team of Experts have designed various therapeutic groups keeping mind the various aspects of De-Addiction in Indian context.

Yoga and Meditation:

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Yoga and Meditation are one of the most powerful tools to help the person come from the depths of Alcohol and Drugs. It has preventive, curative and also promotive qualities when we talk about mental health and especially addiction to alcohol and drugs. The Asanas while help the person gradually recuperate from the physical health problems and improve physical health well being the meditation and breathing exercises help person develop insight into his problem and generate peace in mind.

Varsha Foundation has developed a yoga and meditation module which is conducted by trained professional so that therapeutic aspect of Yoga and meditation as valued. The residents to get to experience :

  • ASANAAS under the supervision of trained professional
  • PRANAYAMA( Breathing Exercises) : conducted by trained professionals which help them calm the mind and improve wellbeing. It also helps the person manage his emotions and thoughts appropriately.
  • DHYANA( Meditation) : there are special meditation practices followed especially keeping in mind persons with alcohol and drug problem.

PSYCHOTHERAPIES A Personalised Restructuring of one's mind, thoughts and emotions

Varsha Foundation

Psychotherapies or Skilled Psychological therapies are very integral part of De-Addiction at Varsha Foundation. It is well known that Addiction is a complex problem and one type of therapy or intervention may help and fit to all and it is essential that along with general group oriented therapies individualized psychological therapies are also available and this is the very focus at Varsha Foundation.


CBT( Cognitive Behavior therapy) is a special therapy administered by Clinical psychologists depending upon the assessment of the resident and need for this therapy


Most often interpersonal issues relating attachment, role in the relationship and disputes in the relationship have adverse impact on individual's mental health eventually leading to addiction to alcohol and drugs.


Mindfulness is a new and upcoming therapeutic tool which can be traced back some of the meditation techniques known to us India.


Solution focused brief therapy is administered to deserving and needy residents undergoing de-addiction at Varsha Foundation where problem is analysed logically and schematically and solutions are arrived with resident practically.


This is one of the important therapies in which the resident is imparted with the skills of Mindfulness, Distress tolerance, Emotional regulation and interpersonal effectiveness.


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Drink refusal skills are imparted to persons willing to abstain from alcohol as to how confidently but assertively refuse to budge for the social pressure to drink alcohol and not feel guilty about the refusal. The residents at Varsha Foundation have opportunity to deliberate and discuss about this skill in group settings along with other residents under the supervision of counselor.


This skill helps the person to manage problems which disturb his/her resolve to abstain from alcohol. Varsha Foundation for Alcohol and Drug De-addiction and rehabilitation helps the person recognize the problem, generate possible solutions, select most appropriate options, plan action and evaluate objectively the selected approach.